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Deploy a Dedicated E-Mail Server with CentOS7

This guide helps you configure an E-Mail server on Centos7 with: Linode, Centos7, Exim, Dovecot

Flask deployment antics with CentOS7

No better time to start a github blog than while waiting for python to compile from source on a new linode instance.

Deploy Flask Apps on CentOS7

Deploying a Flask app on Centos7 doesn't have to be so hard.

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement

Replacing the batttery in your 2012-2015 Macbook Pro is not as impossible as you've been told. The battery is glued in. This is not an impossible problem!

compiler rule \#12am

It's late, you're working on a pet project, and have to work in the morning: code is guaranteed to take longer to compile, and will generally fail with an irritating environmental error.

Instant Left 4 Dead 2 Server on CentOS 7

Create a Left4Dead2 disposable dedicated server with a $0.015/hr Linode instance. Follow my directions to automatically generate a secured and updated centos linux server in the cloud.

Free SSL for your server

Free SSL is available for your server from It has become even more important for every website to deliver it's content over SSL. This full how-to walks you step-by-step on CentOS 7 Linux.
1. Install Letsencrypt
2. Generate an SSL Certificate
3. Configure Apache to use SSL

Splunk Log Analysis on SSH attacks

Over the holidays, the linode infrastructure was attacked. I was testing Splunk at the time. I'd opened SSH in the firewall to capture logs into Splunk. My linode VPS was under constant attack during this period. Let's analyze the logs of the attack with Splunk!

List of SSH attack usernames

A list of all usernames used during a brute-force attack of this server over the holidays. Data was easily generated using Splunk lite.

Install Splunk Lite on CentOS 7

I decided to play with Splunk on the VPS.  Splunk is a huge and powerful tool, but my needs are simple.  I want to dump all my log files for all my servers somewhere.  I want the logs easily browsed and searched.  Kudos for automated alerts to key events.  Splunk …